As Regular attendance is an important requirement for successful results, a written application for leave must be submitted will in advance. In case of illness and other unforeseen circumstances, the guardian should inform the Principal in writing as soon as possible. A minimum attendance of 90% of the total working days is required during the academic year, falling short of which of the student will not be allowed to take the examination that year.

  • Students must reach the school premises ten minutes before the college timings.
  • Parents card issued by the school authority, need to be shown at the time of picking up the child from the college.
  •  Strangers for eg. Servants, drivers, relatives etc. will not be allowed to pick up the child from the college without prior intimation by the parent.
  • Please read the College Notice board and academic calendar on regular basis for any other information and to know about the holidays.
  • If The child is likely to be inform the same to college authorities followed by the leave letter.
  • Students should not bring any valuable articles or ornaments like gold chain or ring etc to the college. The College authority will not be responsible for same.
  • Students suffering from any infections like conjunctivitis, Dermatitis, Scabies etc should not be sent to college as other students may also get infected.
  • Parents must also take active part in the college activities and they must spend considerable amount of time with their child at home to have an overall development.
  •  Parents are required to inform the college, if there is any change in their address and telephone numbers So that message can be conveyed easily.
  • The College fees must be paid by 5 to 1 5 of every month Parents should not wait for reminders to pay the fees. If the fees is not paid in time, late fee will be charged.
  • Fees once paid is not refundable Payment of fees must be made in cash only.
  • No Student will be allowed to appear in the Quarterly, Half yearly and the Annual Examinations, unless dues are cleared before the commencement of the examinations.
  • A student who attends college even for one day in July and is late, withdrawn during midsession for any reason, has to pay full fee for six months.
  • A student withdrawn from the institution after the month of December will have to pay the full fees upto 30th June.